” When I designed cloth I mostly enjoyed looking at colors, sketching funky designs for T-Shirts and feeling the different textures of fabrics. Today when painting I get excited about holding a large brush loaded with paint in my hand and moving it across the canvas. It makes me dance.”

Stenzel owns patents trademarks, and copyrights in fields as widely ranging as fashion, general gift items, computer accessories, food products, architectural designs, screenplays, workout programs, climbing equipment and computer games.[4][2] Stenzel has designed CD holders, piggy banks, doors and food products which have been sold at Whole Food and Walmart.[4][6][10] In 2004, Stenzel designed and patented a bread less cucumber sandwich trademarked Gorilla Sandwich, a hollowed-out cucumber filled with such ingredients as walnuts, avocado, olives, seaweed and flax seed oil.[3][6][11]

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